Academic Experience

Our President

With best wishes

Mrs. Sashilata Jain


With the commencement of twenty first century , we have seen a rapid change in the education system. The time has gone when the whole stress was laid on bookish knowledge and all other aspects were sidelined. We observe that Indian talent has proved its intellectual across the world starting from NASA to Microsoft. Everyone has a word of praise for the new Indian face. We provide an excellent opportunity & environment by acting as a catalyst and facilitators to develop their potential and promote success through quality education, using appropriate tools and techniques and by instilling values that harmonize technological advancement and humanistic wisdom.

No living being can avoid work and remain without activity. Even in sleep the physiological activities must go on. Action is the expression of working culture in any organization. But when we act in an attitude of un- attachment, our efforts not only produce more impressive results but also yield the silent benefits of a bosom rid of its wisdom. In such a calm mind, full of serenity and poise, the experience of the higher Self comes most effortlessly.

The school is well equipped with various states of art facilities like broad-band connected computer lab, composite science lab, activity based learning class room, huge collection of books & magazines in Library. All the class-rooms are equipped with Interactive White Board with CCTV surveillance. We have a very good play-ground and special Play zone area for smaller kids.

Our endeavour is to broaden the infrastructure of the school and also to incorporate the emerging fields of studies in the coming future. All possible facilities are extended to the students so that they can feel love & lively. Students are made to participate in various activities, which result in the development of the overall personality of the students. The dedication and commitment of the staff , active support and cooperation of the parents , the mission & vision of Zee Learn Ltd. And the enthusiastic efforts of the students have made the teaching learning process smooth , productive & meaningful.

With Best wishes