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Mount Litera Zee School Arah, a premier educational institution in Arrah, stands in the pinnacle of achievement in all the fields. Learning begins from the moment the child is born. However the school has the greatest responsibility of facilitating child’s learning and progress from one stage to the next. It is the challenge for the school educators to understand each child and help him/her accordingly so as to facilitate their learning and progress.

Present generation has the access to huge bank of information. It is the collective role of the parent and the school to help child imbibe values in them. We are confident of producing global citizens by providing opportunities for learning who aspires for it. A student at Mount Litera Zee School will not only excel in academics, but also in co scholastic areas also. The school is strongly supported by the curriculum team to help and monitor the current trend setter in the field of education.

The structured support and creativity will allow us to achieve these expectations. MLZS deliver bright, confident, expressive and cooperative students who contribute great pages of achievement to be added every year to the annals of MLZS, Arah.

Our core values are to explore the infinite within every individual to transform in to a unique human being with all the potential powers inside oneself. We endeavor together with parents and community to reinforce these values in a happy, safe and caring environment. We have high expectation for all children and provide holistic care and support at the welfare, curriculum, community and relationship levels.

The light of education shall be spread in to the society as seepage in to the core of the society. The school has to be transformed into a centre of excellence in all the holistic ways. Let’s join our hands together”

May the Almighty give us wisdom and strength to accomplish our goal.